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Beeck Mineral Paint

Beeck Mineral Paint

Internal Paints

Beeck Mineral Paint - Maxol


A fully vapour permeable hard-wearing interior decoration. Maxol offers the highest scrub resistance and opacity for internal paints with excellent coverage. Maxol can be applied over lime, cement, gypsum plaster, mineral backgrounds such as stone and brick and over sound and well adhered existing paints.


The full Beeck colour range is extensive and due to its size, colours are hand mixed to order which can be time-consuming and expensive. These 12 most sought-after colours are bulk mixed and readily available and are therefore offered at a more competitive price. These colours are for indication purposes only. To see the true colour 100ml sample pots are available.

Beeck Mineral Paint - Colours

External Paints

Beeck mineral paints are completely breathable, highly durable and non-off gassing. Available in a large range of beautiful colours, suitable for new lime render or other mineral backgrounds. Beeck mineral paints can be applied to both historic and modern buildings and are technically superb coatings in terms of durability, your health, the environment, and building protection.

Beeck Mineral Paint - Beeckosil


Beeckosil is a highly durable paint and will comfortably outlast conventional masonry paints. Suitable for new lime render and other mineral background. Beeckosil is chemically bonded to the substrate forming strong silica bonds in a process known as silicification. Active silification gives an extremely durable finish for many years.

Beeckosil’s micro-crystalline structure provides a truly breathable finish. This means rather than moisture being trapped in the wall it is able to escape. Beeckosil is made with potassium silicate (waterglass), and contains no organic solvents, it is non-off gassing, and being alkaline it inhibits micro biotic growth.

Beeck Mineral Paint - Renosil


A durable external paint that can be applied to both mineral surfaces and previously painted surfaces. Renosil achieves a partial bond through silification on mineral surface and bonds to conventional masonry paint allowing a unified colour across different backgrounds.

Beeck Mineral Paint - Silicone Plus

Silicone Plus

A clear vapour permeable, water repellent treatment for bare mineral surfaces such as stone or brick. SP PLUS offer all the benefits of exterior mineral paints within a clear coating to retain and maintain the natural mineral finish

Beeck Mineral Paint - Etching Fluid

Etching Fluid

Acidic solution for cleaning old lime renders and for removing the sinter skin of new lime renders.

Beeck Mineral Paint - Fixative


A breathable primer and consolidator for mineral surfaces prior to applying Beeck silicate mineral paints.

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