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Lime Plaster

Heritage Range

Lime Putty Plaster

A traditional lime putty plaster for walls and ceilings. Often referred to as coarse stuff and fine stuff, it is a wet product ready to use although remixing again with a whisk before application is recommended.

Our Heritage Plaster is supplied in three different grades:
Coarse Plaster 0 – 5mm
Medium Plaster 0 – 3mm
Fine Plaster 0 – 1mm

A base coat of coarse stuff is applied first. Hair or fibres can be added to improve strength; this is essential when plastering onto wooden lath. A second coat of medium plaster is then applied to straighten the surface. Finally, the surface is finished with a thin coat of fine stuff.

Time between base coats is approx. 4-5 days on a masonry surface, 7 days minimum onto wooden lath. The finish of fine stuff can be applied when the previous coat is hard but still green, usually 2-5 days. For further information see product data sheet.

Heritage Range


  • Limco is an insulating lime plaster basecoat for internal plastering onto brick, stone, flint, and cob.
  • Made with NHL2 natural hydraulic lime, lightweight mineral aggregates, and fibres.
  • Designed to improve the thermal performance of solid walled masonry whilst maintaining high vapour permeability.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Can be applied up to 25mm per coat to depth of 50mm
  • Ideal for historic buildings.
    • 2-4 days between coats
    • Finished with 3mm skim of lime putty plaster or Solo

Lime Green

Solo Lime Plaster

Lime Green Solo is a preblended lime plaster made with natural hydraulic lime that only requires the addition of water. Solo can be applied directly onto plasterboard, wood fibre board or a lime base coat of Duro or Ultra.

Solo lime plaster is durable and highly breathable. The setting time is quicker than for lime putty allowing it to be finished soon after application. The recent shortage of Multi Finish gypsum plaster has led to increased usage of Solo onto plasterboard, often left unpainted for a natural lime plaster look protected by Silguard

Lime Green

Ecomortar R100

St Astier Ecomortar R100 is a preblended internal lime plaster finish with high adhesion and therefore suitable for a variety of applications including:

• Paint
• Smooth concrete
• Waterproofed surfaces

• Plasterboard
• Woodwool board
• Woodfibre board

• MDF/plywood
• Timber elements
• Brick/stone

• Concrete blocks
• Gypsum plaster
• Lime plaster

For further information please see the data sheet.

Data Sheets

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Quantities and coverage

10L/20kg Heritage Plaster Coarse/Medium covers 1m2 at 10mm
10L/20kg Heritage Plaster Extra Fine covers 3m2 at 3mm
25kg Duro basecoat covers 1.5m2 at 10mm
25kg Solo finish covers 5m2 at 3mm
25kg R100 covers 5m2 at 3mm

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