Lime Plaster

Lime plaster for internal walls is usually applied in one or two base coats and a fine finish coat.

There are two product options:

Heritage Plaster – made with lime putty

Lime putty plaster has been used for many years as a traditional lime plaster for walls and lath & plaster ceilings.
It is a wet product ready to use although mixing again with a whisk before application is recommended and makes the job easier for the plasterer.

Our Heritage Plaster is supplied in different grades. There is a coarse putty plaster which is applied and straightened ready for the fine finish coat. Quite often the first coat of coarse plaster is not straight enough and a second base coat is applied to straighten the surface. The coarse putty plaster can be used for the second coat or a medium grade putty plaster can be used for a more even surface before the fine finish coat. Hair can be added to putty plaster to improve strength. This is essential for plaster onto wooden lath. Time between base coats is 7 days minimum on lath and 5 to 7 days on masonry surface. The finish can be applied when the previous coat is hard but still green this may be between 2 and 5 days but can be longer.

Solo Lime Plaster – made with natural hydraulic lime

Solo lime plaster is durable and highly breathable. The setting time is quicker than for lime putty plaster giving an extra smooth finish and allowing the plasterer to finish the work soon after application.

One or two layers of Duro basecoat are applied to straighten the wall followed by the Solo finish. Duro is a natural hydraulic lime basecoat that benefits from increased workability for easy application and benefits from control of water loss for even curing. Time between basecoats is 2 to 4 days. The Solo finish can be applied when the Duro is hard but still green, usually after 2 days.

Where to buy

All plasters are available from stock for collection from The Lime Centre or next day delivery.

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Quantities and coverage

We are happy to work out quantities for you.

10L/ 20kg Heritage Plaster (Coarse & Medium) covers 1m2 at 10mm thick.
10L/ 20kg Heritage Plaster (Extra Fine) covers 3m2 at 3mm thick.
1 x 25kg bag Duro Basecoat covers 1.5m2 at 10mm thick.
1 x 25kg bag Solo Finish covers 5m2 at 3mm thick.

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