Ecomortar is a pre-blended lime render with natural patina in a range of colours, made with natural hydraulic lime. It is often supplied in extra fine texture for application of ashlar lines when simulating stone.

ECOMORTAR COARSE is a base coat which benefits from increased workability for easy application. Applied in one coat of 15mm on straight walls in unexposed locations. Applied in two coats up to 20mm for uneven walls or exposed locations.

ECOMORTAR FINISH is the final coat which we supply in a range of colours. Applied in a single coat of 4mm. Most rainwater is shed from the surface to retain the consistent finish during wet weather.

Where to buy:

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Ecomortar Coarse is available from stock for collection from The Lime Centre. Stock levels fluctuate, please call to check availability before arranging collection.
Ecomortar Finish has a lead in of up to 3 weeks.

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Quantities and coverage

We are happy to work out quantities for you.

1 x 25kg bag Ecomortar Coarse basecoat covers 1.5m2 at 10mm thick.
1 x 25kg bag Ecomortar Finish covers 3.5m2 at 4mm thick.

Colour Chart

The colour chart is a guide. To see the true colour please request a sample biscuit(s).


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