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Cement Mortar

Construction Mortar

A premixed pigmented cement mortar for new masonry work, available in a choice of different textures and colours.

A dry powder that requires the addition of water and mixing on site. Available in 25kg bags or 1 tonne bags.

Factory batching and quality control ensure a consistent high-quality range of mortars suitable for laying bricks and blocks.

For cement free lime mortar for historic buildings please see the lime mortar page.

  Construction Mortar Data Sheet

Heritage Range

Mix Designation Mix by volume Assumed Strength Class Environmental Conditions
ii 1: 1/2: 4 1/2 M6 Severe
iii 1:1:6 M4 Moderate
iv 1:2:9 M2 Passive

Colour Chart

The colour chart is a guide. To see the true colour please request a sample biscuit(s).

CM - Chalk

CM – Chalk

CM - Bath

CM – Bath

CM - Cotswold

CM – Cotswold

CM - York

CM – York

CM - Bracken

CM – Bracken

CM - Barley

CM – Barley

CM - Stone

CM – Stone

CM - Corfton

CM – Corfton

CM - Harnage

CM – Harnage

CM - Amberley

CM – Amberley

CM - Sandgate

CM – Sandgate

CM - Tugford

CM – Tugford

CM - Tilgate

CM – Tilgate

CM - Farringdon

CM – Farringdon

CM - Arundel

CM – Arundel

CM - Birch

CM – Birch

CM - Cinders

CM – Cinders

CM - Terracotta

CM – Terracotta

CM - Ashdown

CM – Ashdown

CM - Ochre

CM – Ochre

Construction Mortar is made to order with a lead in of up to 7 working days.

Quantities and coverage

We are happy to work out quantities required.

1 tonne of dry mortar will yield approx.

0.66m3 of mixed mortar, which lays approx.

1000 bricks or 600 blocks (445mm x 225mm x 100mm)

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