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Welcome to The Lime Centre

The Lime Centre, near Winchester, provides a range of carefully chosen natural lime materials and provides services to support the use of traditional lime mortars, plaster and render in modern and historic buildings.

The Lime Centre was set up in 1990 and has over 20 years experience and expertise in historic buildings. The Lime Centre is now widely recognised for the quality of its service, advice, technical support and materials.

Materials supplied by The Lime Centre include mature fine-sieved lime putty, St Astier natural hydraulic limes and aggregates for blending mortars, plasters, renders. Breathable decorations include St Astier Limepaint, Buxton Limewash and Beeck mineral silicate paint.

The Lime Centre supplies a full range of premixed lime mortars and premixed lime renders with a large choice of colours and we supply the WARMSHELL breathable external wall insulation system with full technical support. Other insulating products include Insulating lime plaster and render and materials for lightweight insulating floors and limcrete.

We offer training sessions on lime in traditional buildings to individuals or small groups, mortar analysis and an onsite consultancy service.

For information and advice on lime in traditional and new buildings please contact The Lime Centre 01962 713 636.