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External Wall Insulation

Warmshell External Wall Insulation

Warmshell is a high performance construction system that uses insulating wall board and lime-based render.

Warmshell is ideal in the thermal upgrade of solid masonry walls, historic timber frame and new construction too. A more comfortable and healthier living space is created using Warmshell which provides an effective and simple way to increase insulation values for a wide range of properties, keeping walls warm, dry and weather-proofed. The Warmshell system has been tested against and meets ETAG004 external wall insulation and is certified with a CE mark.

The interlocking insulation panels in the Warmshell system are made of compressed natural wood fibre. These come in 40mm, 60mm, 80mm and 100mm thicknesses, depending on the insulation levels required.

Once the panels are in place, a first coat of Lime Green Prepbond WP is applied at 10mm in two passes with embedded reinforcing mesh. Prepbond WP is formulated to reduce the impact of thermal shock and is highly durable.

The surface is finished with Lime Green Finish WP at 5mm. Special additives in the render mix reduce the risk of cracking and algae growth, producing a durable, stable finish.

Checks are required to ensure the system is suitable for your project. Please telephone The Lime Centre for further information.

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