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St Astier NHLs, Mature Lime Putty, Graded Sands & Riven Lath

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Natural Hydraulic Lime

Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL’s) are so called because they set in contact with water. Secondary hardening also takes place in contact with air due to carbonation. They are produced from the burning and slaking of calcareous stone containing silica, alumina and sometimes ferrite. The resulting calcium silicates, aluminates and ferrites constitute the hydraulic component.

The quality of hydraulic limes derives from the mineralogical composition of the raw material and the manufacturer’s skill and production control. The absent of sulphates in the St Astier limestone and the low traces of alkali such as potassium and sodium cannot result in products which will favour sulphate attack or alkali-silica reactions.


St Astier NHL 2 is a weak strength natural hydraulic lime, suitable for most mortars and renders.


St Astier NHL3.5 is a medium strength natural hydraulic lime, suitable for mortars and renders in moderate to high exposure locations.


St Astier NHL5 is a strong natural hydraulic lime, suitable for mortars in high exposure locations and marine applications.


Mature Lime Putty

Matured for a minimum of 4 months and supplied in 20L tubs, lime putty is mixed with well graded sands to produce traditional lime plasters or weak mortars for repointing.

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Graded Sands

Lime mortar should be made with good quality lime and a well graded sand.
Regular building sand can be high in finer particles making it less suitable for lime mortars.

The images below show the different sands before making the mortar and then as a mortar biscuit.

Morestead 5mm MS5mm biscuit Morestead 5mm
Produces a pale-yellow mortar, ideal for coarse plaster, limecrete and coarse mortars.

Wareham Washed 4mm Wareham 4mm biscuit Wareham 4mm
Produces an off-white grey mortar, chosen for colour. Perfect for flint work.

Morestead 3mm Morestead 3mm Biscuit Morestead 3mm
Produces a pale-yellow mortar ideal for laying and repointing, as well as medium grade plaster.

Extra Fine 1mm Extra Fine 1mm Biscuit Extra Fine 1mm
Produces a white mortar, ideal for fine plaster and tight joint work.


Hand Riven Lath

Supplied in 50 x 4ft bundles, wooden lath are fixed to ceilings and walls for traditional haired plaster application.
There are different types. The most suitable are riven chestnut or riven oak and these are recommended for ceilings.
Rough sawn oak lath is also supplied for walls.




Data Sheets

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