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Lime Green Roman Stucco is used for repairing and replacing traditional Roman Cement render. Available in a range of brown colours to match the natural colour and patina of historic Roman Cement render. Made with a natural cement by burning limestone in a traditional kiln. Roman Stucco is breathable, has excellent durability and moderate strength. It has a rapid early set and low shrinkage which makes it ideal for running cornices where thick layers of material can be applied in one day.

A coarse base coat is applied in layers and built up to the required depth. A finish coat is applied in a thin coat of 3mm in a textured finish (TF) or a fine finish (FF). The fine finish can be made smoother with an additional 1mm coat of very fine finish (VF) this is often used when running moulds.


The finish colour does not require decoration but can be decorated with a suitable active mineral paint. View mineral paint here.

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Roman Stucco Undercoat is available for next day delivery.
Roman Stucco Finishes have a short lead in time usually up to seven days.

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Quantities and coverage

We are happy to work out quantities for you.

1 x 25kg bag Roman Stucco Undercoat covers 1.45m2 at 10mm thick.
1 x 25kg bag Roman Stucco TF or FF covers 4.8m2 at 3mm thick.
1 x 25kg bag Roman Stucco VF covers 14m2 at 1mm thick.

Colour Chart

The colour chart is a guide. To see the true colour please request a sample biscuit(s).

Roman Stucco

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