Mineral Silicate Paint

Beeckosil – Active Mineral Paint

Beeckosil is a technically superb coating in terms of durability, your health, the environment, and building protection.

Beeckosil is available in a large range of colours. It is suitable for new lime render or other mineral backgrounds.

Beeckosil is chemicaly bonded to the substrate forming strong silica bonds in a process known as silicification, unlike conventional masonry paints which form a film on the surface of the wall.

Active Silicification is where the paint achieves a full chemical bond to the substrate resulting in an extremely durable finish for many years.

Beeckosil is an active mineral paint with a micro-crystalline structure which provides a truly breathable finish. Made with a binder of potassium silicate (waterglass), Beeckosil is fully inorganic (containing no organic solvents), non-offgassing, and being alkaline it inhibits microbiotic growth.

(Passive Silicification is where the paint soaks into the background and achieves a partial bond, still resulting in very durable finish).


Beeck Etching Fluid – The surface is etched to remove the fatty deposit from the render surface preparing the surface for the active mineral paint.

Beeck Fixative – Applied to equalize the surface to ensure a more even and uniform application of topcoat.

Beeckosil – the decorative topcoat is applied in two coats with no less than 12 hours between coats

Previously painted surfaces

Beeckosil cannot be applied to existing masonry paints. For decoration to a masonry painted surface use Beeck Renosil.

Where to buy

Beeckosil is delivered direct to your premises within 2 to 3 days from ordering.

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Quantities and coverage

We are happy to work out quantities required for you.

Colour Chart

There is a large range of colours, please request a colour chart

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