Lime, Sand, Lath and other products

There are many additional products to support the use of lime. We supply them all.

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Associated Products - Sand Associated Products - Sand

Sand is available in a range of colours and sizes for mixing with lime on site. The colour of the mortar comes from the sand. We currently stock the following sands in 25kg bags and tonne bags: Morestead 5mm, Wareham 4mm, Morestead 3mm, Chilcomb 3mm, Frithend 2mm and Extra Fine 1mm sand.

Associated Products - Quicklime Granules Associated Products - Quicklime Granules

Quicklime is used to make a hot lime mortar by slaking the lime with sand and water at the same time. Eye protection and PPE is essential. There are various methods and mixes – please ask for advice.

Associated Products - Lime Putty Associated Products - Lime Putty

Lime Putty is a non hydraulic lime which means it sets slowly by absorbing carbon dioxide burnt off during its production. Mixed with sand it makes a traditional plaster or a slow setting weak mortar.

Associated Products - NHL Associated Products - NHL

NHL or natural hydraulic lime sets by absorbing carbon dioxide and also has a hydraulic set with water. The mortar is breathable and durable. We stock natural hydraulic lime in 25kg bags. NHL2 & NHL3.5 are used for laying and repointing brick, stone and flint. NHL5 is for strong mortar used underground and above the roof line i.e. flaunching, ridge tiles and coping stones.

Associated Products - Prompt Associated Products - Prompt

Vicat Prompt is a natural cement made by burning limestone in a traditional kiln. It sets rapidly and is useful in tidal locations but mostly used to repair or replace historic Roman Cement Render. Additions are required to retard the early set and make a workable mix. Vicat Prompt is stocked in 25kg bags and Roman Stucco products made with Prompt are supplied preblended as a dry powder for addition of water only on site.

Associated Products - Riven Lath Associated Products - Riven Lath

Wooden Lath are fixed to ceilings and walls for traditional haired plaster application. There are different types. The most suitable are riven chestnut or riven oak and these are recommended for ceilings. Rough sawn oak are also supplied for walls.

Associated Products - Geocell Associated Products - Geocell

Geocell foamed glass aggregate for floor sub-base under limecrete screed. Supplied in cubic metre bags.

Associated Products - Hair Associated Products - Hair

Animal hair is added to lime putty plaster and is essential for lath & plaster work.

Associated Products - Fibres Associated Products - Fibres

Alkali resistant fibres are a modern version of hair and are used for reinforcing render and plaster.

Associated Products - Chalk Blocks Associated Products - Chalk Blocks

Chalk blocks are used to build out damaged chalk cob walls. Where chalk cob is damaged the wall must be built out with chalk blocks and not a thick coat of render.

Associated Products - Pozzolans Associated Products - Pozzolans

Pozzolans are burnt clays which are added to lime putty to create an earlier set. Careful gauging is required or the product can become too strong.

Associated Products - Mesh Tape Associated Products - Mesh Tape

Mesh tape is used for plaster board joints with Solo lime plaster.

Associated Products - Render Beads Associated Products - Render Beads

Beads for render and plaster are not traditionally used but can be supplied in various sizes and colours.

Associated Products - Tools Associated Products - Tools

Tools for repointing, rendering and plastering are available from manufacturers including Co.Me Tools and Nela trowels.

Associated Products - Fibre Mesh Associated Products - Fibre Mesh

Fibre Mesh for embedding in render and plaster base coats. Fine and medium in 1m x 50m rolls.

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