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Warmshell Insulation

Warmshell Insulation

This system of woodfibre board and Solo lime plaster is suitable for solid-wall masonry. The breathable system uses natural materials that will maintain a healthy internal climate.

The Woodfibre Internal Wall Insulation System is designed and tested to allow solid walls to stay dry, while offering modern levels of insulation and ease of application.

The boards are available in thicknesses of 40mm, 60mm, 80mm & 100mm and are applied with Warmshell Adhesive to a flat surface and the Solo plaster is applied in two passes with and embedded fibre mesh. We supply a range of breathable paints, each with its unique colour range, which can be used to decorate the plaster finish.

The Warmshell Internal system is made up of:

Levelling Coat (Optional)

For uneven walls a lime plaster coat is applied to straighten the surface to avoid gaps between boards and wall.

Boards with adhesive

The boards are applied with a breathable alkaline adhesive. Fixings are not required but we allow two fixings per board to assist during the installation process.


The boards are finished with strengthening mesh and lime plaster, which can be left natural or decorated with a breathable paint.

The Warmshell Internal system

The Design Process

The Lime Centre supplies all the materials required for installation. We can price for the materials, and we can supply information on the installation but we are not employed to design the system to specifically fit your project.

You may be comfortable working through the design yourself or you may need a project manager or architect to assist you. In some cases the building contractor can carry out the design work. The following documents provide detailed information on the Warmshell System.

1 Overview of system and application

This is not a full guide but simply an overview of how the system works. A useful start before delving into all the other documents.

2 Design Guide

This will provide you with a good level of understanding about internal wall insulation, the general principals and thermal performance.

3 Architects Details

Specific detail drawings for example window reveals, floor section, etc.

4 Site Assessment and check list

A useful tool used to assess the site and identify any issues.

5 Specification Clauses

The Specification clause should be followed and used in conjunction with the Warranty Terms Document.

6 Warranty Term Document

7 Installation Guide

A guide with photos which has now been updated to a video.

8 Fire Classification

The classification of B,s1 is excellent and allows the system to be used on masonry or wood.

9 Maintenance Guide

This includes maintenance of the exterior to avoid problems such as poorly functioning guttering and downpipes.

10 Kiwa BDA Agrément

Kiwa are a “UK Notified Body”. They are appointed by the UK government to offer assessment of whether a construction product meets certain standards.

U Values w/ m2K

U Values are a number showing how much heat ‘leaks’ through an element like the floor, the roof, or a wall.
The lower the number the better, but you can’t reach zero. Insulation offers diminishing returns, each extra mm of insulation save less energy than the previous one.

Maintenance Guide

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