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Limecrete Floors

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Limecrete and Geocell floors offer a breathable and insulating alternative to impervious floors.

A limecrete floor is usually made up with:

A sub-base between 200mm to 300mm, made up of Geocell laid onto a geotextile membrane on firm ground. Geocell is an aerated foam glass aggregate made from recycled glass. It is lightweight and insulating having a loose bulk density of 150kg/m3. The Geocell is compacted and a layer of Geotextile membrane is laid over the top.

Where underfloor heating pipes are being installed a Geogrid mesh is laid over the Geocell which the pipes are tied to.

A limecrete screed is laid down at an approximate depth of 80mm using a mix of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL5) and coarse sand. Movement joints will be required in large areas of screed with heating pipes.

The perimeter of the screed is insulated with a cork insulating board.

Floor slabs being laid onto the screed will require a lime mortar for bedding, resulting in a breathable floor. Lighter weight tiles will require adhesive which reduces breathability. Wooden floors should be ventilated using either vents or spaces at the perimeter under the skirting. If carpets are required, then a well ventilated wooden floor is required.

Where to buy:

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The Lime Centre supplies Geocell cubic metre bags which are delivered to site.

Geotextile membrane, Geogrid and cork perimeter board are supplied in quantities to suit the job size and are delivered to site.

Limecrete is cost effectively mixed on site using NHL5 and coarse sand both held in stock at The Lime Centre ready for collection or delivery.

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Geocell Limecrete Floors
Geocell Limecrete Floors
Geocell Limecrete Floors

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