Lime Mortar Colour Matching & Analysis

Colour Charts can be seen below.

Colour matching your samples to our range of mortars made with local aggregates for site blending or from a range of coloured pigmented pre-blended mortars is free. For colour matching we require a small piece the size of a sugar lump.

Disaggregation analysis of lime mortars is carried out in our laboratory at The Lime Centre and costs £134 plus vat. The results show the proportion and grading of the insoluble aggregate. This is regularly used along with information provided on the mortar function, experiential and observational findings to assist in the selection of compatible repair mortars in order that a repair mortar closely matches the original colour, texture and strength. For each analysis we require approx 50g of mortar. Allow 10 days to receive the report.

 Natural Lime Mortar

The Lime Centre stocks colours: CHALK, BATH, COTSWOLD & YORK. The remaining colours are made to order and are delivered to site in either 25kg or 1 tonne bags.

Natural Lime Mortar 1-12Natural Lime Mortar 12-24


Natural Lime Render



For information and advice on specifications, colour matching, samples, application and quantities please contact The Lime Centre 01962 713 636.